Top 10 Golf Gifts from Daiya Golf

#10     180’s Ear Warmers

Check out or selection of the perfect sports ear warmers. Fold in half for easy storage in your golf bag. As long as your hands and ears are warm, golf is a lot more fun.


#9   Tee Holders

Great novelty item that really looks great on bag or belt loop. Comes with carabiner for easy attachment.


#8 Divot Repair Tool

Repair you green ball marks in style


#7 Finger Bra’s

No more taping fingers to prevent blisters. Fit nicely and add style to your game.


#6 NEO Aero Spark Golf tee

This award winning golf tee design makes a perfect winter tee. Trim with scissors to the desired height and set it on the ground. The baffle design stops the tee from flying very far off the tee box.


#5 Tomahawk Adjustable Golf tee

This adjustable tee is made of impact resistant polymers and will soon become your favorite tee.

Factories-Products 052

#4 Pop Tee

New design that allows you to use the same tee for two different heights with the flip of your finger.

Factories-Products 051TE-437_3

#3 UV Aero Spark Golf Tee

A new UV material is used on our best selling golf tee that makes it change color when exposed to light…a real cool item.


#2 Aero Spark Golf Tee

Our best selling tee, made in Japan and the best selling golf tee in Japan for the last 5 years…once you try them you will be hooked.


#1 One Touch Reset score counter

Our best selling item! Number once score counter on for the last 2 years….A great gift for any golfer. Comes in 10 assorted colors!



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